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Most people have an understanding that if you are facing a court case in the near future, you will need to hire an attorney. But not a lot of people know that you have other options beyond traditional law firms. There are many cases where individuals and businesses could do with hiring per diem attorneys instead. But what are per diem attorneys, and how does the process of hiring them work? Here are some interesting facts about per diem lawyers.

  1. They Offer Emergency Services

If you’re in New York City and an emergency arises, hiring a per diem lawyer NYC is the best option for an individual or business. There is no need to give a per diem lawyer many days of notice. Most are happy to take on a job with 24 hours’ notice, or even less. If you find out that you are due in court in a few days, you may call a per diem lawyer in the morning and they could be representing you within a few hours.

  1. They Handle Every Type of Case

Per diem lawyers do not have a specialty. They can handle any type of case, and that is why you must ensure that you are hiring the correct attorney for your case. For instance, some per diem attorneys may have more experience with personal injury and accident claim cases. Other lawyers may be more familiar with cases involving bankruptcy. If you hire a bankruptcy-specializing per diem lawyer and your case is of a criminal nature, you may not get much help from that attorney.

  1. They Help Businesses Save Money

While major companies can afford to have an entire law firm on retainer, smaller companies do not have that privilege. A smaller company may only have one in-house lawyer that handles all its legal matters. If that lawyer is busy, or is needed for another case, a per diem attorney can fill in. This can save the business a lot of money, as compared to hiring a second full-time lawyer for the firm.